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3 Ways Smart Buildings Benefit from Bluetooth

Building overheads are a necessary expense for business of all sizes, but most expenditure is wasteful. Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) has revolutionised building cost management and enabled the development of smart buildings. It is estimated that the IoT can save Australian Construction and Manufacturing sectors between $75-96 billion and the Australian Healthcare Industry around $34-68 billion over the next 20 years. It’s an investment that can’t be ignored. Smart buildings use various IoT technologies and Bluetooth to monitor and share information about daily operations. These technologies can reduce costs by automating certain process, assisting with location tracking and monitoring assets. Regardless of size, businesses require reliable solutions that easily integrate with their internal systems. For example, many hospitals in Australia have been operating for more than 30 years, meaning their systems are firmly in place. Transforming them into smart buildings requires technology with minimal infrastructure and maximum security.

Bluetooth is the answer because of its interoperable nature and low-energy features. Iottag are tracking specialists who leverage the power of Bluetooth and GPS to support smart building services. Their RF asset tracking tags and Bluetooth smart beacons have helped optimise indoor systems for multiple businesses across Australia. Smart buildings can benefit from Bluetooth in three ways: Control, equipment monitoring and asset tracking. Optimising these key operations reduces costs and saves time.

1. Using Bluetooth to control traditional services

Connected lighting has evolved since its inception. Its current applications go beyond controlling the lights in buildings. Developments in Bluetooth mesh have expanded the uses of these systems. A Bluetooth lighting solution can assist with indoor navigation, asset tracking and equipment monitoring. Companies of any size can find a solution for their smart building needs, because it was designed for large-scale applications and is easy to scale-down as needed.

Iottag’s Bluetooth solutions can assist businesses with everything from asset tracking and equipment monitoring to staff tracking and lost item tracing. They use a combination of GPS tracking and Bluetooth to create the most accurate system. Hospitals, construction companies, manufacturing facilities and corporate businesses can utilise Iottag’s Smart Beacons and Bluetooth asset tracking tags to create a smart building that is fully optimised.

2. RFID technology and Bluetooth tags monitor equipment conditions

Managing data is a key component of business today. RFID asset tracking tags are similar to the traditional barcode. They can be loaded with all critical information about an asset or piece of equipment. For example, a piece of equipment at a construction site can include data about when it was last used, where it is, when it became operational and even stipulate the last time it was serviced. RF asset tracking tags can also send alerts when equipment falls or is damaged. Having this system in place can save time, money and resources. It also ensures the safety of all staff, or patients in the case of a hospital, who use critical equipment regularly.

Iottag uses Bluetooth Low Energy not only to extend the battery life of their asset tracking tags, but also to improve the accuracy of their tracking tags. Their tags track assets in real-time, so all data is up-to-date. The ATLAS app can be installed on all devices within a facility. Using this cloud-based app, or their web platform, businesses can create a virtual layout of their facilities and track everything from heat maps to route. Data is stored for up to 40 days, giving greater control over how equipment is monitored and used.

3. Bluetooth enhances indoor tracking practices

Experts at ABI Research predict that by 2022 Bluetooth tracking solutions will grow by 10x its current market penetration. Leading companies like Aruba already use these location solutions to assist with asset-tracking. Being able to locate an asset in the shortest time possible is key for businesses operating in today’s fast paced market. Moreover, hospitals can save more lives with effective equipment tracking systems. Bluetooth has revolutionised indoor tracking practices.

Iottag tracking tags use a combination of Bluetooth and GPS to generate the most accurate data. They can locate an asset with only a 2-5m error rate. They can be set up to send alerts when falls happen or when assets move outside of designated geo-fence zones. Companies can monitor all their data online and all personnel can have access to this information. Improving asset tracking practices will save time and money.

Smart buildings with Bluetooth

Smart buildings save time, money and resources. Companies can monitor and track their assets with more accuracy using Bluetooth connected lighting. Visit for more information on their product offering.

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About the Author : Andrew Kelly

After completing extensive studies in low power wide area networking Andrew found himself as interested in the literature as the technology itself. Andrew now writes engaging and informative content at our sunny office in Melbourne, for an international audience.

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Discover the power of real-time asset tracking, and start making data driven decisions and increase profitability year on year. Discover the power of real-time asset tracking, and start making data driven decisions and increase profitability year on year.

Alex Todress

Staff Director

Discover the power of real-time asset tracking, and start making data driven decisions and increase profitability year on year. Discover the power of real-time asset tracking, and start making data driven decisions and increase profitability year on year.

Alex Todress

Staff Director