The Expanding Role of Bluetooth in Smart Buildings

Using Bluetooth to Build Smarter Buildings

Bluetooth mesh has forged the path for smart buildings since 2017. Its initial application in connected lighting proved invaluable, not only through reduce business overheads, but also because the infrastructure could be leveraged for an array of other services. ABI Research predicts that 40% of all smart building connections will work through connected lighting by 2021. There are many businesses that have already started using this technology like malls, airports, museums and even hospitals. In fact, 20% of all smart beacon purchases were made by hospitals in 2015. Smart beacons use connected lighting and Bluetooth mesh infrastructure to assist businesses with asset tracking, indoor positioning and overall smart building management.

Companies like Iottag specialise in GPS and Bluetooth technology. Using cloud-based tracking platforms, smart beacons and already installed connected lighting infrastructure, Iottag streamlines asset tracking and wayfinding practices for all industries, from corporate to healthcare. Not only are you able to monitor all assets, including staff, equipment and fleet, you can also manage the health of your beacons through their online portal and ATLAS app. Iottag’s SDK easily integrates with established systems to provide interactive content and rich data from users. This information can be used for staff tracking or to enhance customer experience, like those visiting a museum, mall or hospital. Relying on connected lighting and Bluetooth Low Energy, smart beacons will build smarter buildings.

Connected lighting is transforming smart buildings

LED light fixtures are common place in most buildings today. The transition to LED started more than 10 years ago, and it’s value for connectivity is now being harnessed in smart buildings. In connected lighting, or smart lighting, traditional light bulbs are replaced with “smart”, Bluetooth-enabled LED ones. There is no need to install new sockets, as the smart bulbs are designed to fit in existing infrastructure. A hub is installed and uses the internet to create centralised control over all the lights in the system. You can understand why company’s like Bluetooth and Iottag are leveraging this system for further connectivity, not only of the lighting, but for asset tracking as well. Connected lighting is attractive to most industries because the infrastructure is already setup. They can fetch a greater return on investment as the need for expensive installations has been eliminated. Constructing a smart building is becoming easier, but also a necessity. Multiple industry leaders in lighting and location services are joining forces to develop all-inclusive packages that will assist with wayfinding, environment monitoring, point-of-interest information relay, asset tracking and location services. These services will help improve staff efficiency, which in turn improves the experience of your clients.

Leveraging lighting and smart beacons

Once a Bluetooth-enabled LED lighting system is installed, it’s a simple matter of finding the right smart beacon system to meet industry needs. Smart beacons are small and rely on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to send an receive signals. Smart beacons use proximity technology to deliver pertinent information to people who are in its vicinity. A user will walk past a smart beacon, which then sends a coded message, in the form of a notification, to an application on their phone. This will be a dedicated app, like Iottag’s ATLAS or BlueCare apps. People can use this information to track assets or find their way around large buildings like airports. One reason smart beacon technology has become so popular is it provides a solution for indoor positioning. GPS doesn’t function well indoors; hence, the rise of BLE and beacon technology. The applications for connected lighting in smart beacons are endless. They improve all areas of operation from asset tracking to customer engagement.

Make your building smarter with Iottag

Smart buildings aren’t the future, they are already here. Businesses will benefit from connected lighting, not only through simplifying managerial processes, like asset tracking, but also through increasing revenue through improved customer engagement and satisfaction. By 2022, more than million Bluetooth location devices will be shipped around the world. It’s estimated that 75% of the top American retailers have already employed connected lighting and smart beacon technology. Oceania LED predicts that Bluetooth LED penetration will reach 70% in Australia by 2027. Indoor location services has revolutionised the way business is conducted. Lighting is only one way Bluetooth is enhancing smart building development. Their role in this area is constantly expanding as they improve existing technology and create new systems. Iottag smart beacons use the latest Bluetooth developments to provide the best indoor positioning services. Their smart beacons are small, light, waterproof and easily integrate with established networks. Using BLE has extended their battery life up to five years. Visit for more information on their smart beacon technology or to talk with a consultant.

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Discover the power of real-time asset tracking, and start making data driven decisions and increase profitability year on year. Discover the power of real-time asset tracking, and start making data driven decisions and increase profitability year on year.

Alex Todress

Staff Director

Discover the power of real-time asset tracking, and start making data driven decisions and increase profitability year on year. Discover the power of real-time asset tracking, and start making data driven decisions and increase profitability year on year.

Alex Todress

Staff Director