How Location Intelligence for Asset Management is Transforming Business

Tracking assets is one of the most important components of business. In the past, it was challenging and expensive to streamline this process, but technological innovations are helping reduce these difficulties. Iottag’s revolutionary Real Time Locating System (RTLS) technology is cost effective and makes tracking your keys, staff, equipment, and vehicles easy. IoTAG uses RFID technology to track your assets in real time and utilises several devices, like Bluetooth tracking tags and GPS real-time tracking units, to meet all your requirements. Iottag also uses NarrowBand-Internet of Things (NB-IoT) hardware that significantly increases the battery life and range of these devices.
NGK Ceramics, a leading manufacturer of ceramic substrates used in vehicle production, perfectly demonstrates how transformative RTLS technology can be for asset management and tracking. It’s fascinating to see how implementing these systems saved them time and money.

Who Are NGK Ceramics and How Did They Use RTLS Technology?

Located in Mooresville, North Carolina, NGK Ceramics have been in operation since 1988. Initially, they serviced a limited area of the US, but now operate every day of the year, 24-hours a day. Their rapid growth across various states made it difficult to maintain market demand. NGK Ceramics decided to use Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s), but still required a more efficient way to manage all assets in their plant because of the high production demands. There were no economical ways to locate and move pallets. Eventually two workers per shift had to oversee this process. Additionally, yearly stock-take slowed production activities because the entire process took up to a week to complete. All materials had to be authenticated against recorded data in their internal ERP system.

NGK Ceramics began using RTLS technology in 2017. These systems made locating pallets in the warehouse more efficient. The data was integrated with their MRP systems to streamline the tracking process, which made managing production simpler, time efficient, and far more cost-effective. Instead taking a week to complete stock-take, it could be done daily in real-time. Real Time Location System technology assisted NGK Ceramics despite the demanding environment of their manufacturing facility. Previously, this RTLS technology was exceptionally expensive and almost inaccessible to even the biggest manufacturing plants. Companies like Iottag began searching for ways to improve RTLS technology to reduce costs and expand the various tracking systems.

Iottag’s Smart Beacons, Bluetooth Tracking Tags, and GPS Tracking Devices

Iottag uses an array of RTLS technology to help businesses keep track of their assets. Their smart beacons are equipped with the most advanced chip sets. They are waterproof and have a hard shell to protect against weather and shock. Smart beacons have pre-installed AA batteries that can last up to five years when using the default settings. They can easily adhere to any surface, so can be used indoors or outdoors. NGK Ceramics used similar smart beacons to keep track of everything that happened on their manufacturing floor. A Software Development Kit (SDK) is integrated with established systems, which makes managing the hardware and collected data easy. All smart beacons are built to specification, as were the ones used in NGK’s plant.

Such smart beacons are used in conjunction with TAGS. Iottag’s Bluetooth tracking tags have advanced significantly and are the best way to track assets indoors. Staff tracking is also possible using this technology as you can discreetly attach tags to name cards. These tags can be as small as a 50 cent piece. NGK Ceramics used this technology to track all the pallets moving in and out of their warehouse. Iottag uses NB-IoT to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of their Bluetooth tracking tags. NB-IoT is one of the most reliable ways to power wireless devices. Maintenance is low and tags are easily assimilated into pre-existing software systems, which means you data is reported accurately and management of all assets is simple. Iottag recently designed an app called ATLAS that allows you to track all tagged assets on any smart device. If personnel have the app opened on their device and simply walk past an asset, their location will be updated instantly. This not only makes asset tracking easy but also staff tracking. NGK used a similar system to facilitate the work of employees in their manufacturing plant.

GPS real-time tracking devices can be installed into all fleets, so you can continue tracking your assets once they move outside of your facility. NGK Ceramics were able to track their pallets once they left the manufacturing floor. Keeping track of their fleets outside their manufacturing plants meant they could see exactly where their assets where in real-time. This reduces the risk of loss and increases the safety for your personnel. Iottag’s GPS tracking devices can receive location updates worldwide as long as there is mobile coverage. Businesses can build an asset management system, much like NGK did, to share asset locations with everyone working in the facility. Geo-fence and safety zones can be programmed into the devices and alerts are sent whenever there is a breach. Plus, the emergency SOS feature ensures personnel can immediately notify someone if anything happens during the delivery of assets. NGK Ceramics used this system to make sure pallets moved within the correct spaces at all times and alerts were sent if workflow paths weren’t followed.

Learn From NGK Ceramics

NGK Ceramics is a great example of how using Real Time Locating System (RTLS) technology, like Bluetooth tracking tags or RFID technology, can transform the operating systems of any business with a wide range of assets that need to be tracked. It is a simple and cost-effective way to ensure you never lose track of a single asset. Iottag has multiple options available and can easily customise their technology to meet the demands of all business operations. Visit for more information.

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Discover the power of real-time asset tracking, and start making data driven decisions and increase profitability year on year. Discover the power of real-time asset tracking, and start making data driven decisions and increase profitability year on year.

Alex Todress

Staff Director

Discover the power of real-time asset tracking, and start making data driven decisions and increase profitability year on year. Discover the power of real-time asset tracking, and start making data driven decisions and increase profitability year on year.

Alex Todress

Staff Director